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Word Art

Type: Portfolio
Pages: 60
Publisher Al-Mohtaraf Assaudi
Languages: Arabic - English
ISBN-13: 978-603-00-4529-7
Dimensions: 268 x 300 mm
Weight: 0.5 KG
Other: over 45 illustrations

• A ‘sample portfolio’ of graphic designs of Arabic words inspired by both traditional Arabic calligraphy and, even more so, by modern and abstract art.
• A unique collaboration between Al-Mohtarf, the Saudi design house, the Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni and Sarawat printing press, the designs are presented in a portfolio of fine papers, creating a rich tactile experience of each piece.
• Prefaced by Kameel Hawa in both Arabic and English.  

“A true relationship between the letters and meaning of the word” 

The designs of Al-Mohtaraf Word Art do not fall under the category of classical Arabic calligraphy; instead, they represent the vision of Kameel Hawa in expressing a new synergy of techniques to create intricate layers of understanding and meaning. The free-hand ink strokes of the designs are vivid and bold, efficiently reflecting the true relationship between the letters and the meanings of the words in order to produce an emotional response, guiding the reader towards a more nuanced and complete comprehension of a concept. 

A source of inspiration for students and professionals in the field of graphic design, Word Art brings together progressive graphic designs and innovative printing techniques that reflect Al-Mohtaraf’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Saudi publishing industry.

Winner of the Dubai International Award for Print 2011