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Oum Kolthoum: Life & Works

Type: Hardcover
Publisher Al-Mohtaraf Assaudi
Languages: Arabic

Known as the “Planet of the East” (kawkab el-sharq), Oum Kolthoum is widely regarded as the greatest female singer in Arab music history. Possessing a voice of unsurpassed beauty and range, her works are adored by millions across the Middle East and beyond.

This new anthology includes a new history of Kolthoum’s early life, rise to prominence and glittering career, encompassing her considerable legacy upon Arab culture and politics and her collaboration with the great poets and musicians of the time, including Mohamad al Qasabji, Zacharia Ahmad, Riyadh as Sumbati, and Mohamad Abdul Wahhab.

The second and third volumes present a full catalogue of her musical compositions. Informative notes covering historical and musical information about the songs accompany reproductions of each lyric. Five indexes allow the reader to easily access information covering such subjects as date, composer, poets, musical mode, rhythm and more.

Beautifully bound and printed by Al-Mohtaraf, the Saudi design house, and utilizing graphic design and photography, Oum Kolthoum: Life & Works is a must for devoted fans everywhere.